innovation stories


Energy meets innovation

How can we change the digital world and make it “greener”? The energy demand due to progressive digitization is covered by renewable energies in the sense of the energy transition. windCORES – a sustainable business model innovation.



Customer Data Platform

Digital sales are becoming increasingly important in the B2B environment. Insights into customer behavior and analysis of digital selling potential – business model boost through a customer data platform.


State-of-the-art maintenance through Industry 4.0

How does the largest railway transport and railway infrastructure company in Central Europe manage to establish modern Industry 4.0 technologies in its own business model? Our experts helped develop the answer and prepared a new venture for it.


Health Tech Business Model Innovation

Digital medical devices will change our lives. But they must also be geared to the needs of patients and users. High-end medicine meets digital future.



User-based billing of services – a model that everyone knows from their private lives. In the B2B sector, we have expanded an existing license model to include the service-based billing logic.


Smart factory solutions

Everyone has heard of Industrial IoT and Smart Factory. One of the most modern systems on the market has accelerated its business model with us.


Food Supply Chain Safety

Food safety concerns all of us. A digital platform for food safety services that really does justice to the increasing complexity of global supply chains – a really good thing.


Sustainable game changer in the construction industry

Building can be fast, profitable and climate-friendly. We have built a revolutionary model that is fully digital, platform-based and carbon neutral.


Innovation through cooperation

How do SMEs manage to be sustainably innovative and thus successful in the digital age? We provide an answer in our cooperation with Cloudmall BW and Fraunhofer IAO.


Smart business innovation in mechanical engineering

Mechanical engineering is actively shaping the age of digitization. With our understanding of the market and technology, we have innovatively further developed an established model.


AI services in heavy industry

How can the conservative steel and cement industry be transformed with data-driven services based on AI? Find out at our Innovation Story.


B2B go-to-market model for an open industry software platform

Digital platform business models in industry scale differently than traditional B-2-C models. But how do you successfully enter the market? With MORYX, the open software platform for the industry, we have answered this question.


Digital Tech Solution for the Aviation Industry

Scalable enterprise/IT architectures will have a significant impact on future work. Read how we aligned one of Europe’s leading airline groups for the future in the Innovation Story.


E-mobility charging platform for company cars

With the increasing number of e-service vehicles, new challenges arise. One such challenge is home charging and the associated billing process with employers. Read here how a modern digital solution will support company car drivers and employers in the charging and billing process in the future.


Digital business model transformation using cloud-based multi-tenant system and process landscape

How can strong business growth in a high-tech company be supported with modern processes and IT systems? Together with a leading global company, we have taken the step into the future by means of cloud transformation.

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