Smart business innovation in mechanical engineering

“With the support of NOVAZOON, we have succeeded in creating real innovations and new business models in an interdisciplinary project that suit us as mechanical engineers. The methodical guidance, the high level of flexibility and, last but not least, NOVAZOON’s understanding of the market and technology were decisive factors in our success.”

Dr. Benjamin Häfner

Director of Industrial IT, OPTIMA

Project and business model content

Review and analysis of the smart service portfolio, the target markets and the customer structures. Conception of new business models and innovative pricing models based on this, as well as their development and testing.

  • Structured description of the current market positioning, customer needs and target markets
  • Workshops (digital and face-to-face) based on the latest methods, such as B. Business Model Innovation and Design Thinking
  • Definition of customer journeys incl. Strengths and weaknesses as well as use cases with derivation of strategic alternatives for action
  • Description of business model patterns based on the St.Gallen model and prioritization of the resulting solution approaches
  • Derivation of the essential fields of action for future success
  • Transfer of innovations and business models into roadmaps and lean implementation projects

customer benefits

  • Digital business models developed in a methodical and structured manner
  • An interdisciplinary team from three different business units, which has a jointly coordinated view of innovation fields and business model options
  • Several innovative business models to realize, among other things, recurring software sales
  • Pricing models and market entry scenarios to enable market-oriented (value-based) pricing of smart services
  • Evaluation of business model patterns according to competitive criteria, cost advantages and scalability
  • Description and planning of concrete actions and next steps, based on which the results are transferred to a successful implementation
  • Decision basis for the integration of the results into the Optima digitization strategy