B2B go-to-market model for an open industry software platform

“The cooperation with NOVAZOON was excellent from the very beginning
. The team of experts worked with us in a very short time to get the key success factors – sales, technical and organizational – on track. Above all, the many years of experience in marketing digital platform business models in the B2B market was of great value to us.”

Lutz Steinleger


Project and business model content

Establishment of the go-to-market and organization model for the successful scaling of MORYX, the open software platform for all work steps within manufacturing companies. Definition and establishment of new sales channels, partner structures and multiplier concepts for the platform business model. Implementation roadmap for the key dimensions of sales, partners, product and organization.

  • Development of strategic options for a successful go-to-market based on the customer journey map.
  • Establish new product bundles as well as monetization concepts for successful market entry.
  • Updating sales documents incl. Validation in the target market with potential new customers.
  • Organizational model expanded to include project unit as initial provider for scaling partner model.
  • Development and exploitation of an attractive business case.
  • Technical assessment of the MORYX platform/ IoT solution.

customer benefits

  • Acceleration of the sales cycle and reduction of entry barriers for new customers.

  • Direct access to the relevant target market and potential new customers as well as partner companies for market validation.

  • Obtain direct customer feedback as well as follow ups for project acquisition.

  • Bringing years of hands-on experience in building and scaling data-driven IoT solutions and digital business models.

  • Apply the latest “Unfair Advantages” methods to successfully market a corporate platform model.

  • Concrete and directly implementable measures as well as decision templates, focused on the key success criteria.

  • Evaluation of the digital platform business model from the perspective of venture experts.

  • Teamwork, shared knowledge and networks to make the MORYX business model sustainably successful.