We are there – INDUSTRY.forward EXPO 2022

We are there – INDUSTRY.forward EXPO 2022

Wir sind dabei – INDUSTRY.forward EXPO 2022


Wir sind Teil der vierten INDUSTRY.forward EXPO 2022, DEM digitalen Festival der Industrie. Kern der EXPO ist das hochwertige technische Konferenzprogramm mit folgenden Festival Stages: INDUSTRY FORWARD, NEXT TECHNOLOGY, INDUSTRIAL SOLUTIONS, FACTORY, PROCESS, ELECTRONICS & ENERGY

NEU: Fokus-Stage „RESILIENZ & SUSTAINABILITY – Die Wege zur krisenfesten Industrie


Innerhalb von 3 Wochen diskutieren über 80 Vordenker, Macher und Experten aus ca. 60 Companies über relevante Zukunftsthemen der Industrie.


Interessiert? Hier geht‘s zur aktuellen Agenda und kostenfreien Registrierung:



Wir freuen uns auf Sie!


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NOVAZOON international – our presentation at the university in Latvia

NOVAZOON international – our presentation at the university in Latvia

NOVAZOON international – our presentation at the university in Latvia

Keynote Riga

On Sept. 15, 2022, Prof. Armin Roth participated as a keynote speaker at the Digital Transformation and Development of IT Solutions event in Riga, Latvia.

Armin was invited to lecture at the University of Latvia by the Baltic-German University Contactor , an organization for scientific cooperation and academic exchange between Germany and the Baltic States.

In addition to students and professors from various Baltic universities, companies from the region were also represented. Exciting exchange talks took place and interesting topics around the topic of digital transformation / development of IT solutions were discussed.

We are pleased to be represented by Armin as NOVAZOON at the University of Latvia.

NOVAZOON Best practices insights

NOVAZOON Best practices insights

NOVAZOON Best Practices Insights: Data-based Business Model Innovation


The context, innovation and implementation phases form the basis in the development of a business model.

In all phases, we use the latest methods and best practices, which we have developed together with leading research institutions in Europe. Our unique transformation methodology is certified by both the recognized institution TÜV SÜD and the German Federal Office of Economics and Export Control.

One of our selected methods is data-based business model innovation.

This form of innovation builds on the potential of existing data. Existing data landscapes and models are categorized and compared with the value chain of the target market.
The process/data mapping forms the basis for a more advanced innovation process oriented to the Business Model Framework.

Innovation through cooperation

Innovation through cooperation

Innovation through cooperation

Innovation through cooperation

How do small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in particular manage to be sustainably innovative and thus successful in the age of digitization?

In cooperation with Frauenhofer IAO, we were involved in the study and got to the bottom of this question together in the Cloud Mall BW project.

The findings on the success factors of cloud-based projects have been summarized in the freely available
Study “Innovation through cooperation – cloud computing as an enabler of joint service offerings and improved value chains”.

One key finding:

Without a strong and assertive driver of the cooperation activities, such projects are difficult to implement.

More information about the study can be found in the press release

We would like to thank the Fraunhofer IAO Institute, the Fraunhofer IPA with Olga M., the team of VIRTUAL FORT KNOX AG with Robert Tordy as well as the state of Baden-Württemberg with Nicole Hoffmeister-Kraut for the great cooperation and are looking forward to further exciting joint topics.

Spot Award at NOVAZOON – a small thank you for great achievements

Spot Award at NOVAZOON – a small thank you for great achievements

Spot Award at NOVAZOON – a small thank you for great achievements!

Spot Award at NOVAZOON

We gave a Spot Award each to our two colleagues Fabio Pereira and Marius Zimmermann!

It is important to us that exceptional commitment and achievements are recognized to a special degree. In our project environment of innovation and business model transformation, the full commitment of the entire team is of course always required – nevertheless, we do not take it for granted when colleagues go the “extra mile”.

We greatly appreciate the commitment of our two colleagues and are therefore pleased to thank Fabio and Marius with the Spot Award for their outstanding efforts 😊.

The whole NOVAZOON team is happy and says again thank you both for the super teamwork and cooperation 😊.





At our summer team day, we reflected this time on the topic of corporate culture.

At our Teamdays, we usually review and work on our business model. In order to be successful in the long term, it is of course very important to constantly develop and, if necessary, adapt the level of knowledge.

However, it is not only the business model that is of central importance, but also what makes a company tick: the people, the togetherness and the culture.

It is therefore equally important for us to reflect on our corporate culture and work out potential for improvement. An open exchange, trusting interaction and appreciative mutual feedback are particularly important.

We had a great day with a lot of fun and very good exchange and discussions.