NOVAZOON – TüV certified Innovation & Venture Building with one of the TOP 10 Digital Transformation Providers in Europe

TüV & Award

Is it possible to combine the development of innovative, digital business models with a quality management system?

Absolutely TüV Süd is certain and has certified our methods and processes for Innovation & Venture Building Tüv.

Our successful track record in building innovative business models proves that a QM system does have a positive effect on the development of innovative business models.

We are very pleased to be able to make a decisive contribution to successful transformation with our capabilities and over 45 network partners and are proud to have been named Europe’s Top 10 Digital Transformation Solution Provider by CIO Applications Europe magazine .

Would you like to learn how the transformation from core business and innovative new business models can succeed? Then make an exchange appointment now and let’s get talking.

Digital innovation projects carried out with NOVAZOON are directly eligible for funding.
This is confirmed by our status as “certified consultant” by BAFA.

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