NOVAZOON Design Thinking Workshop


In a Christmas outfit and with a great atmosphere we had our last team day for this year around the topic of Design Thinking.

For us, design thinking is an elementary part of our daily work, which the entire team masters. In our projects, we usually face the challenge of having to work with adapted innovation and creativity methods in the environment of B2B business model development in order to achieve the best possible results. Equally important in the B2B context is the direct usability and applicability of results, solutions or prototypes.

What do we mean by design thinking and what are the benefits for companies?

The Design Thinking approach and process is a structured method to develop products, solutions and/or business models essentially from the user’s perspective. Ideas are built and created based on deep understanding of the user situation. As a rule, this always results in innovative approaches that have a clear market and customer focus. In addition, Design Thinking is used to tease out creativity in teams in a new way – particularly interesting are unconventional challenges provided as part of such a process, such as a change of role/perspective like “How would Elon Musk solve the problem?”.

For us and our partners, we see three main advantages that arise:

-> Shortening of long processes for innovation

-> Concrete results and solution approaches with direct customer reference

-> Agile working and joint innovation: employees are actively involved, can contribute their knowledge and expand it at the same time

Our joint appointment again showed how much energy is involved in “real” workshops in a personal environment. We believe it can create the culture needed to master digital transformation in many companies.

Feel free to contact us if you would like to bring a breath of fresh air into your company with the help of a Design Thinking workshop.