NOVAZOON as a companion to a scientific work as part of the lecture “Industrial Concept Development” with the Karlsruhe University of Applied Sciences, at the MMT faculty

As part of the “Industrial Concept Development” lecture at the MMT faculty of the Karlsruhe University of Applied Sciences, the mechatronics students Leonard Rempel and Mario Stolz are working on a scientific paper in the “Health Tech area”.

The app connects various data source systems with each other in order to generate new medical knowledge from the data obtained.
This knowledge is used to support patients in the healing process.

The aim here is to relieve medical facilities.

The focus of the work is on research into the connection of various wearables such as smartwatches or chest straps as well as medical devices such as blood pressure monitors.
Here it is necessary to transfer the data obtained and to apply further processing with the help of artificial intelligence.


Another part of the work is the development of concrete possible solutions for the connection of selected data sources.

We look forward to working with the students at Karlsruhe University of Applied Sciences and are excited to see the results.