#DigitalMethods: Developing sustainably successful business models for the digital future

Why do innovative business models need to be sustainably successful with digital products?

How do you find the key aspects of a sustainable innovation project?

Two key topics that we addressed intensively with the innovation community during our work session at the 8th Digital Excellence in Frankfurt:

What are the key aspects of an innovation project?
What framework conditions need to be taken into account here?

The core elements and insights for corporate transformation and innovation: “Strategic Leadership”, “Organization” as well as “Best-Practices” are the essential framework and success factors for digital innovations. The strategic orientation as well as own resources are a basic requirement.
Organizational structures (flexible, agile, open) have a significant influence on the success of innovation projects. A strong team with the right mindset is also needed to make innovations successful.

In order to answer the question of what constitutes successful products and services today, an intersection of feasibility, market resonance and customer benefit must always be developed, as well as a suitable business model.
Appropriate innovation methods and processes consider different views such as the provider side, market side, and profitability.

In our work session, we were able to gain interesting and exciting insights.
We would like to share the following Key Learning’s with you:

– Leadership must exemplify innovation and actively provide time for innovation.

– True innovations require time and professional and methodical support, but in return they make companies profitable and future-proof in the medium to long term!

– Ideas from employees should be actively accepted and integrated into the innovation strategy of companies.

We would like to thank all innovators from SmartStore, Volkswagen, IBM and Dertour, among others, for participating in our worksession and for the exciting exchange.

Another thank you goes to the organization team of the 8th Digital Excellence for the excellent planning.