We set up your company for the digital future.

Development of a digital strategy, subsequent derivation, evaluation and prioritization of clear action fields, creation of roadmaps as well as the establishment of a lively innovation culture.

We help your company to improve within the existing business model.

Innovation of the current product portfolio, further enhancement of digital offerings, optimization and scaling of existing processes by software robots (RPA) as well as state-of-the-art IT architectures.

We enable your company to break into new markets by implementing innovative business models.

Ideation, prototyping and validation as well as market entry of digital business models through venturing, partnering or co-creation.

Detailed offerings

  • Comprehensive market / megatrend / environment / technology screening
  • Analysis or development of your digital strategy
  • Development of solutions in organizational key areas: business model, corporate identity and innovation culture
  • Organization and support of innovation programs (e.g. intrapreneurship, design thinking trainings)
  • Definition, evaluation and prioritization of action fields
  • Creation of a roadmap containing the path of your digital transformation
  • Build in-depth understanding of customers and users (e.g. pains/gains analysis)
  • Innovation and go-to-market of hybrid services/products (digital evolution)
  • Development of new business opportunities by digitally enhancing and expanding the existing product portfolio
  • Optimization of operational processes and system interfaces by software robots (RPA)
  • Setting up a state-of-the-art IT architecture (IT, systems, cloud, hybrid models)
  • Application of methods like design thinking and the business model innovation framework to develop innovations and disruptive business models
  • Creation of venture blueprints as well as planning preparing their implementation
  • Develop new business models to market readiness using agile settings
  • Provision of all relevant components for successful venturing (brand, office, team and skills, IT, funding, go-to-market, partner, scaling) as a service, via partnering or co-venturing.

Use Cases:

Packaging machinery

Internal efficiency

Optimization of internal ordering processes via RPA, smart machine functions via AI-based algorithms


Digital expansion of the machine (e.g. platform offering), smart services


Packaging as a service

Financial services

Internal Efficiency

Automation of contract processing and financing processes, AI-based customer behaviour forecasting


Online portal for up- / cross-selling of financial products, data-based offers (e.g. for individualized insurance packages)


Pay per Use Angebot, Floating Fees


Internal Efficiency

AI-based customer behaviour analysis, automation of customer processes and proactive contract change offerings


Smart energy monitoring using a portal, use-based contract adjustments


Decentralized energy networks, energy services as platform offering

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