Our best-practice approach

Selective work packages:


  • Gathering and assessment of market, technology and business model trends
  • Analyse and evaluate digital transformation potentials
  • Develop a digital strategy subsequently your business model innovation framework
  • Group and prioritize fields of action
  • Create a roadmap


  • Establish a user-centric mindset and specify use-cases
  • Develop an innovation portfolio
  • Apply the Business Model Innovation Framework on your portfolio
  • Apply design thinking methods to work creatively in workshops
  • Build and validate prototypes
  • Establish teams and organize skills
  • Create business cases / venturing blueprints


  • Incubate innovative products and business models
  • Establish an organization, set up the team
  • Industrialize: evolve prototypes into products
  • Validate offers and launch products
  • Run and continuously improve the operational infrastructure
  • Determine the path for growth and scaling

Your benefits

  • High probability of success through practice-proven processes and methods
  • Direct access to valuable know how on innovation and successful teambuilding
  • Highly customized and flexible starting point depending on your situation and goals
  • Short cut and accelerator to sustainable success on your digital transformation path
  • Risk minimization through early validation of new business models
  • Use our ready-to-run business set-up

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